I first met Yvonne in 2011 through a mutual friend who had asked me to investigate her business.   She told me that Yvonne was a “psychic medium” and with her abilities, had been able to assist others in their search for answers in the paranormal world.
I’ve been investigating paranormal claims in various locations for the last five to six years as an independent paranormal investigator.

During that time, I’ve been asked to work with other paranormal investigatory teams covering two states. I’ve investigated claims from home and business owners.  I’ve also been called in to investigate claims from city, county, local and federal law enforcement agencies

I generally approach these investigations looking for hard facts and data, since that is what I deal with in my regular job as a network engineer for an international telecommunications company. 

I had previously investigated with people who claimed these abilities and, unfortunately, I developed a skeptical attitude.  I was unable to validate their claims with any corroborative evidence.

That is, until I investigated with Yvonne. I was, and still am, overwhelmingly amazed at her abilities. Her accuracy during investigations was, and still is, astonishing. I have corroborated and validated many of Yvonne’s findings at various locations. Her abilities, quite frankly, have given me a new perspective in conducting future paranormal investigations. Yvonne’s abilities continue to astound me where recently, she conducted a “remote reading” of where I was in July 2012. 
-Ramiro Galvan, Paranormal Investigator

'Having an Indigo child can be extremely difficult to deal with. Yvonne has educated me on 'Living Indigo'. Although I may not be psychic, I am able to understand and connect with my child. The information and exercises she provided were God sent.'
-Jennifer A.
'Boy is she accurate! I have gone to many psychics, but no one has been able to nail it down like Yvonne! A wonderful experience!'
-Carmela Peet
'Yvonne has taught me to develop my spirituality by learning and studying my beliefs in my faith. She has guided me through the steps of self-discovery, without impeding or interjecting her own beliefs. As a result, I am now able to practice my faith and know that I am becoming more spiritual.'
-Maria Cervantes


'Since my brother's death, I was a completely depleted of any spiritual beliefs. When I met Yvonne she not only taught me about life after death, but was able to consistently validate information my brother sent. The details she provided during the readings were so accurate, I now truly believe she is able to communicate with spirits beyond this physical world. She has given me so much peace and I am now able to move forward from losing my brother physical, to developing a purely spiritual relationship with him. Thank you Yvonne.'
-Nicki Walker
'I have learned so much about life and death. Having studied and talked with Yvonne, I now have a different perspective of life and death. I realize what my purpose is here, and accept that my wanting to return to spirit form is ok. Because of what I have learned, I will be able to live life, even during the difficult times.'
-Divina Cardona
I want to give a huge heartfelt Thank You to Yvonne Emil Elizondo. She did a reading for me tonight that was incredible! She is professional beyond words, kind, caring, empathetic, honest, and completely genuine. She gave me some insight that I will be processing for a while and other insights that immediately 'hit home'. I have been struggling with some issues for a while and she gave me clarity! Thank you Yvonne, you are an angel!
-Michelle Lafferty Guerra
It turned out to be an interesting evening. There were plenty of goosebumps and chills even before we walked in the door. Lots of unexplained noises and chills in various parts of the building. I contacted Yvonne in Austin, TX (www.spiriutal-essence.com) for her insight and without telling her anything she was, as usual, right on the money on: location-check;sensing what was there-check; indentifying events before we heard them-check!
-Ramiro Galvan, Independent Paranormal Investigator
'I have recently gone through a major life change. Through my sessions with Yvonne, I have learned that all of life's major challenges are part of the lessons we are hear on earth to learn. I have become more spiritual, more optimistic, and more at peace. Yvonne has helped me learn the tools that I need to deal with difficult situations. I have learned that I am not alone on this earth. God has provided us with so much guidance and we just have to open ourselves up spiritually to receive it. I would have never understood these things if it weren't for Yvonne.'
-Melissa Castorena