What Is Spiritual Essence


The Essential Realm?

'What can be seen is only temporary. What cannot be seen is eternal."

2 Corinthians 4:18



Spiritual Essence is, what I refer to, as our individual energy (spirit/soul) in its purest form.

In other words, it is the 'vital awareness' that allows us to know we exist. 

The journey of finding and maintaining that pure form is accomplished by experiencing love, compassion, patience, and understanding, not only for ourselves, but for those around us.

We uncover our Spiritual Essence through the development of our spiritual awareness. 

Spiritual awareness is the journey of discovering who we are as transcendental beings, gaining insight as to our creation, and establishing a path to follow as we proceed through the school of Life.

It is through life lessons we experience and learn from that we are ultimately able to answer the eternal question.....

What is the meaning of life?



The Essential Realm, as I refer to it, is the reality in which we were created; our origination. It is the 'place' where all Spirit resides.

Our genuine reality is in spirit form within the Essential Realm. We transcend from the Essential Realm into the physical world by allowing our spirit to materialize in a physical vessel; the body. We create our physical reality through our consciousness, and with a dash of karma we proceed to move through the life lessons (the experiences our souls requires in order become enlightened) we planned prior to our physical incarnation.

The Essential Realm exists in all dimensions. Whether we realize it or not our physical world is engulfed by the Essential Realm. Spirit is not 'over there'; instead Spirit is a living part of our physical reality. In order to access the Essential Realm you need only to be open in heart and mind to Spirit.


Spiritual Essence was founded in 2006, as a result of a spiritual conversation I had with a wonderful friend. During this particular conversation we discussed the many challenges we had faced as we walked through life. I mentioned the disappointments, difficult, angry, and happy times. Then I suddenly realized that no matter how long or difficult my path had seemed, no matter how misguided my decisions had been, or how lost and alone I felt, I always had God's love, Spirit, and my Spiritual Essence, to light my way. 

Then an epiphany! I suddenly realized I was not the only poor soul that suddenly felt lost, misguided, confused, angry, disappointed, happy, sad, fearful, anxious, etc. Imagine that! Suddenly I did not feel so alone. But of course I was never truly alone....I just needed a friendly reminder to guide me out of my self-created 'dark place'...hell, if you prefer.  

Spiritual Essence Interfaith Center was born out of love for God's children, compassion for myself, and sincere understanding of others' life challenges. I have been blessed and fortunate to have beautiful friends, teachers, guides, and companions that have guided me throughout my life path. I would like to do the same for others, by dedicating my life to providing spiritual counseling, teaching meditation techniques, working with children and adults that were as afraid and anxious as I was in dealing with psychic abilities, or providing an alternative view of life, death, and the spiritual.  


At Spiritual Essence you will find a place in which you can focus on your spiritual development, with or without theological doctrine and religious preferences, but always with God's. 


Considering location, distance, and time are man made aspects of the physical life, these should never be barriers in the development of one's spirituality. For this reason, we are working on establishing on online community resource center in which the Spiritual Essence Interfaith community can discuss, learn from, blog, pray, and share their challenges and blessings.   

Look for the blog page coming soon!


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