Spiritual Awareness,




'Through meditation we learn to focus our energy and increase our spiritual awareness.'

                                                                                         Dr.  Yvonne Emil Elizondo



Spiritual Awareness focuses on awakening our spirit and learning 'who we truly are'. Possessing an understanding of our spiritual being, we can come to understand our role in this physical life.




Meditation is a holistic discipline by which the individual attempts to obtain a state of mind that is beyond that of 'thinking' by achieving a deeper state of relaxation or awareness.

Meditation can also be considered a method of prayer.

Whether for prayer or to achieve clarity and awareness, meditation is a tool individuals can use on a regular basis. The greatest misconception is that when participating in a meditation session, the ultimate outcome is always to obtain an altered state of mind or a 'blank' mind. This is typically not the case, especially while learning to meditate.

The mind is continuously 'thinking'; it is never blank, not even during sleep. The basic outcome of meditation is to train the mind to concentrate on one specific 'thing' (single-pointed meditation) in order to maintain a calm relaxed state. A quieted mind, without the clutter and chit-chat, allows for communications from Spirit to come through much more easily.

When we control our energy, we can control our emotions, our reactions, and our beliefs.


Visualizations are mental images or pictures. Along with meditation, visualizations allow individuals to focus on a specific 'thing' and create a mental image of it, the outcome, the details, etc.

Visualization can be a greatly empowering tool that can build confidence, and when used correctly, have a wonderfully refreshing impact on your energy.

At Spiritual-Essence you will learn to utilize meditation and visualization as tools to improve and grow and a spiritual and physical being. In collaboration with color therapy, visualizations engage the spirit by creating places, things, and outcomes as we would like them.
When we create visualizations, we are sending that energy out into the universe.

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