Learn to align mind-body-spirit and achieve improved emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness. Scientific research indicates there is a significant connection between what the brain thinks and how the body feels. In order to change how you feel you need to evaluate the thoughts (stories) you tell yourself. Likewise, the feelings you experience enhance those same thoughts and eventually you end up in a perpetual cycle known as a HABIT. With the use of REBT (rational emotive behavior therapy) and various interventions such as meditation, self-exploration, & hypnosis, just to name a few, you can learn to re-wire your brain, release old habits, and create new healthy habits. 

Personal session includes:

  • Personal discussion and question-answer time

  • Receiving personal counseling and guidance

  • In-Person, Phone, Telehealth, Email


30 minute session, 45 minute session, 60 minute session, and Email session available

Counseling, spiritual therapy and LIFE COACHING session

There are times when you may need support, guidance, and coaching as you work through life's journey. Spiritual therapy, intuitive subtle energy counseling, or life coaching can be beneficial whether you are searching for answers to questions, seeking new methods for dealing with situations, need to alleviate stress and anxiety, or want to find your purpose in life. Spiritual therapy can also be a wonderful tool if you want to pursue spirituality while maintaining individual religious beliefs.

Existential therapy or life coaching session includes:

  • Improve wellness, stress-anxiety management, communication skills, and conflict resolution through transpersonal, existential, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral techniques and intuitive subtle energy counseling

  • Learning to identify triggers which result in stress, anxiety, mild depression, grief, etc.

  • Detecting energetic and mental blocks withholding progress in specific areas of life (home, career, relationships, finances, etc.)

  • Determining life goals, wishes, and dreams

  • Discovering energetic, behavioral, and cognitive techniques to accomplish goals, release stress, reduce anxiety, and work through grief

  • Recognizing the benefits of affirmations, meditation, and visualizations

  • Discovering exercises for releasing stress, reducing anxiety, and working with affirmations

  • Working with meditation techniques for re-balancing & grounding energy

  • Receiving personal counseling and guidance

  • In-Person, Phone, Telehealth, Email

60 minute session available 


Receiving guidance from the stars can help you on life's journey! Learn how your personal characteristics and traits are affected by cosmic energy of the sun, planets, and the moon. A spiritual astrological birth chart can provide guidance about how you work through life. Recognizing personal areas of strength and areas which require a bit more patience to develop can help you understand how to improve your connection to others, determine times to actively pursue goals, and understand how you are affected by your emotional side, much more!

Spiritual astrological birth chart session includes: 

  • Astrological calculations based on date, time, & place of birth

  • Detailed explanation of birth chart, moon, planets, zodiacs, & astrological houses

  • Discussing cosmic energies and how they affect personal characteristics and traits

  • Discovering the influence cosmic energy has on various areas of life (home, career, relationships, finances, etc.)

  • Receiving personal spiritual counseling and guidance

  • In-Person, Phone, Telehealth, Email

30 minute session, 45 minute session, 60 minute session, and Email session available 

HYPNOSIS and past life regression Session

Past life readings bring to your conscious awareness experiences from past lives which may have an influence on your present life. You can discover the answers to questions such as "Who was I?", "Where did I live?", "What was my occupation?", "What were my relationships like?", "Why do these certain issues affect me so much in this life?", and many more. By delving into the past and identifying specific archetypes associated with past lives you can identify certain areas of your life still affected by those past experiences. Awareness of who you were and the lessons you learned in you past lives can bring healing and closure to your soul in this life time.

Past life reading session includes: 

  • Identifying past life archetypes associated with present life experiences. 

  • Implementing techniques to release energetic-vibrational connections to past archetypes to promote healing.

  • Discovering the influence archetypal triggers and how to manage them in a productive manner.

  • Learning about who you were, where you lived, and what your life lessons were in past lives.

  • Receiving personal spiritual counseling and guidance

  • In-Person, Phone, Telehealth, Email

30 minute session, 45 minute session, 60 minute session, and Email session available



Chakras are the energy centers within the physical and energy bodies. The seven main chakras are aligned in vertical to the spine and are associated to specific spiritual and humanly needs, as well as with specific organs and glands throughout the body. When aligning the chakras, energy blocks are removed and the energy flows freely.

The physical chakras include the root chakra located at the sit-bone, sacral chakra located at the mid-pelvic area, and the solar (emotion) located at the solar plexus. The spiritual chakras include the heart located in the mid-chest area, throat located at the throat, third eye located between your eye brows on the forehead, and spiritual located at the crown of the head. Blocked chakras can have adverse affects on the body, mind, and spirit. Maintaining chakra alignment can improve the creativity, emotions, communication, spirituality, and much more! 

Healing through Reiki and Therapeutic Touch is also important in order to maintain healthy energy flow. Most people take a daily shower or bath in order to clean the physical body! A daily energy body shower or bath is also needed to cleanse negative juju (negative energy viruses) and open the chakra centers. The benefits of maintaining positive energy flow throughout the physical and energy body are countless!

Chakra alignment and therapeutic touch energy body healing include:

  • Applying holistic (Universal) energy work throughout the body (fully clothed)

  • Energetic alignment of the seven chakras

  • Addressing specific issues which can contribute to blocks throughout the chakras and energy body

  • Learning specific energetic cleansing and grounding techniques to maintain positive energy flow

  • Discussion

  • Receiving spiritual counseling and guidance

  • Personal discussion and question-answer time

  • In-Person

30 minute session, 45 minute session, and 60 minute session available 


Did you know you can use subtle (Universal) energy to manifest goals, attract positive situations and people into your life, and remove negative influences? By directing the natural energy around you, including the elements (earth, air, fire, water), herbs, essential oils, crystals, and the moon's energy, you can create abundance, prosperity, and improve your quality of life.

Magical energy work session includes:

  • Discussing the tools necessary for directing personal energy during manifestation rituals

  • Discovering how the power of elements can increase focus and intent for manifestation

  • Creating personal manifestation rituals during moon cycles

  • Learning to work with your intuitive senses

  • Raising subtle energy to do spell-work (energy work)

  • Using meditation for grounding the energy body

  • Receiving spiritual counseling and guidance

  • In-Person, Phone, Telehealth, Email

60 minute session available


Holistic (Universal) energy can help heal old spiritual wounds which may have weakened your energy body, motivation, and outlook on life. Learning how to use Universal energy to cleanse, ground, and direct energy can significantly improve your self-esteem, address spiritual wounds, cleanse energy blocks, and much more! Shamanic energy work focuses on releasing negative energy, harmful to your energy and physical bodies, and transforming it into healthy positive energy.

Shamanic holistic energy healing session includes:

  • Discussing Shamanic techniques and tools necessary for directing personal energy during healing rituals

  • Developing self-empowerment through the use of intuitive senses

  • Discovering how the elements (earth, air, fire, & water) can be used to increase focus, heal energy blocks, and improve overall energy

  • Using energetic cleansing and healing techniques

  • Learning to conduct self-healing sessions

  • Developing individual cleansing mantras or prayers

  • Practicing meditations and visualizations for grounding the energy body

  • Receiving personal spiritual counseling and guidance

  • In-Person, Phone, Telehealth, Email

60 minute session available


A professional space clearing and blessing can transform stagnant energy into healthy active energy throughout a home or property. Stagnant, negative, or old energy can create energy blocks which cause physical ailments, lack of motivation, depression, anxiety, and stress. Transforming or removing energy blocks improves your ability to accomplish goals, improve communication, improve mental focus, and improve spiritual pursuits. 

Professional space clearing and blessing include:

  • Blessing or cleansing of property to remove stagnant, negative energy or unwelcomed spirits

  • Transforming old energy and realign spiritual energy throughout the space

  • Using non-denominational cleansing and blessing ceremony

  • Learning metaphysical techniques include prayer, mantras, incense, smudging spray, and music for protection energy work

  • Receiving spiritual counseling and guidance

  • In-Person, Phone, Telehealth

Time and cost based upon property size and location.

Please contact Spiritual Essence for additional information.


If you are experiencing paranormal or spiritual activity in a home, business, or other type of property an intuitive reading or paranormal investigative consultation can the type and intensity of activity, as well as how to best address the situation. Knowledge is power! Learning about the ghostly activity you are experiencing can significantly reduce fears and develop self-empowerment. 

Intuitive home/property reading includes:

  • Intuitive reading of home, business, or property to determine spiritual activity

  • Discussing possible alternatives or solutions beneficial to the family, employees, or individuals

  • Learning energetic protection techniques or blessings to improve self-empowerment

Time and cost based upon property size and location.

Please contact Spiritual Essence for additional information.



Divination tools have been used to connect to spiritual energy since ancient times. Tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, pendulums, and crystals are often used as methods of receiving guidance from Spirit. You can learn how to access the energy of these tools in order to connect with Spirit and your higher-self to find answers for improving your life, help in making a decision, or better understanding how Spirit provides guidance in the physical world.

The divination tools for guidance session includes:

  • Learning how divination tools actually work

  • Discovering various divination methods and techniques using divination tools

  • Understanding the symbology and archetype with tarot card images

  • Practicing using various divination tools

  • In-Person & Skype

60 minute session available

Divination tools not provided.


You are not alone in this world! You have wonderful spirit guides and angelic divine energies to guide and support you through life's journey. Communicating with spirit guides and angelic divine energies can provide clarity and awareness, as well a energize and help spiritually heal you. 

Communicating with your spirit guide and angelic divine energies session includes:

  • Learning techniques to communicate with your spirit guides and angelic divine energies

  • Discovering the role they play in your life and how you can benefit from their support and guidance

  • Practice techniques to raise your energetic vibration

  • How the use of divination tools can help you connect with your spirit guide and angelic divine energies

  • Receive spiritual counseling and guidance

  • In-Person, Phone, Skype

45 minute session available 


Are you wondering how to hone in on your psychic or intuitive senses? Do you want to help a child learn how to work with their psychic or intuitive abilities? Are you a sponge for feelings from others and the environment? Can you communicate with animals, plants, crystals? Does the vibration of Mother's Earth's frequency affect you? This session will guide you through various aspects of psychic and intuitive sense and teach you techniques to help you improve your abilities. Everyone has intuitive, empathic, and psychic abilities; it is just a matter of learning how to use them!

Indigo/empathic/psychic children and adults session includes:

  • Personal intuitive reading

  • Discovering the beauty and challenges of the psychic senses (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairempathy, and more)  

  • Learning to manage intuitive, empathic, psychic abilities 

  • Empowering parent(s) of psychic children so they can help guide their children

  • Understanding the benefits and responsibilities of intuitive, empathic, and psychic work

  • Personal discussion and question-answer time

  • Practice energetic techniques helpful for grounding the energy body

  • In-Person, Phone, Skype

60 minute session available


Love is amazing! And finding someone to share your love with is a true blessing. Deciding to share your commitment publicly can be a wonderful experience, whether through a marriage ceremony or partner bonding ceremony. Most importantly, the special day is all about you and your loving partner so why not create a ceremony unique to your relationship! 

Marriage and partner ceremony includes: 

  • Officiated ceremony

  • Opening words, special reading, individual prayers

  • Giving in marriage or partnership 

  • Presenting you & your partner's definition of marriage or partnership

  • Wedding or partnership vows

  • Exchanging of rings, gifts, or other symbols

  • Lighting Unity candle or other ceremonial practice

  • Closing and blessing prayer

  • Declaration of marriage

  • Introduction of newlyweds

  • In-Person

Cost determined upon individual basis. Please contact Spiritual Essence for additional information. 


Losing a beloved pet can be a challenging time for the family. Your hearts may be heavy and the absence of your pet may be felt for some time. Celebrating the special time you shared with your pet can begin the healing process. Creating a ceremony unique to the essence of your love for your pet can help you keep him/her close to your heart.

The pet memorial blessing ceremony includes:

  • Opening words

  • Eulogy

  • Ceremonial prayers

  • Lighting of blessing candle 

  • Ceremonial practice unique to your pet

  • Closing prayers

  • Spiritual counseling or guidance

  • In-Person

Cost determined upon individual basis. Please contact Spiritual Essence for additional information. 

Please Contact Spiritual Essence for Additional Pricing Information, Discounts, & Sliding Scale Options


(Does not include Marriage Ceremony or Professional Space Clearing & Blessing)

60 Minute Session = $90.00

45 Minute Session = $70.00

30 Minute Session = $45.00

Email Tarot Card Reading = $30.00

Email Astrological Reading = $30.00




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