If you are experiencing paranormal or metaphysical activity, working with paranormal investigators and energy intuitives like myself can provide valuable insight. Determining the necessary interventions for managing paranormal activity involves researching, documenting, and educating people about metaphysics and paranormal activity. I utilize a holistic approach to paranormal investigations by placing the client's interest and safety first, while gathering information about the  "who, what, where, when, and how" in order to determine the cause of the paranormal experience and the best possible solutions for the client.

My primary role is to conduct blind (without previous knowledge or information) remote and in-person property/residential readings prior to the investigation. Sensing the subtle energy fields allows me to become intuned to metaphysical information - nonphysical information. Along with the paranormal investigators, we provide the client with professional investigative documentation and possible solutions for the paranormal activity.


Below are videos, EVP, and pictures of paranormal documentation gathered during readings and paranormal investigations.


New Mexico State University students joined PRI Paranormal Research Investigation during the investigation of the Double Eagle Restaurant. The following video is the final version of the published documentary.

Orb Interrupts Alexx-Sofia 2013-01-27.mp4 Orb Interrupts Alexx-Sofia 2013-01-27.mp4
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