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Another eclipse and Full Moon are on the way!

This lunar eclipse will be a prenumbral eclipse of sweet Full Luna in Pisces on Friday, September 16th at 1:05 pm MST.  

What does this mean? Well, this eclipse brings important opportunities to become aware of what is hidden, release intentions, and begin a new phase in life. Although the prenumbral eclipse is much more subtle than a total or partial eclipse, the energy of an eclipse continues to be exude significant energetic influence upon us. So, I suggest you prepare your magical intentions!

The September Full Moon is known as the Harvest Moon. In ancient times this moon signified the harvest of crops and the community began preparations for the cold, dark months of winter. For us, this moon signifies the harvest of our recent efforts and a perfect time to reap the fruits and rewards. During this Full Moon take a few moments to acknowledge the hard work and investment of your harvest this season, whether it was spiritual, physical, mental, or emotional. Full Moons are also times to release the magical intentions we planted during the New Moon. Within the past two weeks we have placed our focus and magical power on manifesting into our lives. Now is the time to release those intentions and allow the energy of the Full Moon, along with the Universe, God, and Spirit to the rest.

Another aspect of Full Luna is that she is sitting in Pisces, this is also a wonderful time to expand your consciousness by allowing what is in the shadows to come to light. Pisces swims in the subconsciousness of dreams and desires, and magical energy work with the power of the Full Luna can propel those dreams into reality and possibly gain clarity about situations, experiences, and people in our lives.

But we must not forget the power of the eclipse! Eclipses open portals to high dimensions and allow us to use the energy to transcend ourselves into a new phase of life, whether the focus is on spiritual development, relationships, friendships, career, home life, or hobbies, the eclipse energy provides powerful movement forward. 

The Pisces Full Moon eclipse will be full of energy, power, mysticism, dreams, and harvest!

Blessed Be and happy magical moon work!


Posted by: Rev. Yvonne Emil Elizondo, PhD