Yvonne Emil Elizondo

th.D ME.d MS


Professional astrologer 



My passion for guiding clients thru life's personal and professional challenges stems from 25+ years as a transpersonal counselor, clinical mental health counselor (LPC-Associate), certified life coach, professional astrologer, certified hypnotherapist, and metaphysician. As an intuitive empath I naturally connect with people and am able to tune-in to their needs. My approach to counseling and coaching involves using my professional knowledge and personal empathic experiences to help determine the most effective interventions for your needs.

Life is an amazing journey! At times we experience joy, happiness, and contentment. Other times, we wonder about our purpose in life or which direction we should head. From time to time the peace in our hearts and clarity of mind may seem to be just beyond our grasp. We may find a longing for self-improvement. Maintaining healthy fulfilling relationships may becoming increasingly challenging. Life may seem daunting and overwhelming. Ridding ourselves of unwanted habits may be more difficult to accomplish than we anticipated. Maybe we just want to become more confident, reduce anxiety, manage stress, and rid ourselves of depressive moods. Or we may want to enhance our intuitive and psychic abilities as well as learn various method for grounding our energy. 

Life can be unpredictable and wonderfully exciting at the same time!

With personalized treatment you can learn positive coping skills and techniques to think and feel better. By enhancing mind-body coherence you will develop a new relationship with yourself ultimately becoming a catalyst for regaining emotional and mental wellness,

During sessions I provide a safe and confidential space for clients to explore self-actualization using talk therapy, counseling, coaching, and various activities to reinforce wellness. With the use of MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy), REBT (rational emotive behavioral therapy), EXT (existential therapy) and various life coaching methodologies clients learn to achieve calm, harmonize life experiences, and use positive coping skills to achieve goals, discover blocks to success, explore life's purpose, and becoming increasingly intuitive.

I also incorporate a transpersonal approach with the use of metaphysical or existential interventions such as hypnosis, holistic energy work, ritual work, shamanic healing, dreamwork, hypnosis, life regression, metaphysical spirituality, intuitive/psychic skills development, and natal astrology. Clients often find these additional interventions helpful and enjoyable.

Working collectively we can determine overall goals for treatment. Furthermore, determining the most effective intervention plan allows me to monitor and align strategies regularly as well as provide guidance, encouragement, and specific activities to practice and complete between sessions, helpful for developing skills, releasing unwanted thoughts, and modifying behaviors, and habits.

I genuinely believe every person has the ability to make changes to improve themselves and their quality of life. As a life long learner I was inspired to obtained a Doctorate of Holistic Theology and Spirituality, a Master of Science of Clinical Mental Health Care, a Master of Education of Curriculum and Instruction, and Professional Life Coaching Certifications in hopes of inspiring you to take the steps necessary to achieve your goals and live a life filled with wellness and happiness. 

If you are aiming to...

Improve emotional and mental well-being

Identify and accomplish personal  goals 

Manage stress, anxiety, and depressive moods

Develop intuitive/psychic skills

Maintain successful relationships

Explore career options and professional goals

Delve into self-exploration and self-improvement

Discover spiritual, metaphysical or philosophical practices

Learn positive coping skills and goal-focused decision making skills

Become proficient with tarot, meditation, astrology, holistic energy work, and more...

...Allow me to join you on your journey of transformation!  For now, remember to breathe... support is available.




Sandie The Greyhound

(April 6,2002 - November 3, 2014)

Sandie is my beloved animal spirit guide. Since her transition into Spirit form she has been greatly missed but will always be remembered.

"Sandie, I saved you from the race track, but you saved me from life."