As a transpersonal & clinical mental health counselor, certified life coach, and astrologer I counsel and assist clients as they explore and resolve life’s personal and  professional challenges. 

At times we become disconnected from ourselves, detached from our friends and families, and find it difficult to enjoy our experiences or have confidence in our life direction. It is during these times we can significantly benefit from seeking professional support to help us

  • improve emotional health
  • identify and accomplish personal goals
  • discover blocks to success
  • sustain mental and physical well-being
  • manage stress, anxiety, and depressive moods
  • maintain successful relationships
  • explore career options and goals
  • maneuver through financial decisions
  • enhance social-communication-conflict management skills
  • delve into spiritual exploration

With the use of various mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral techniques, transactional analysis, and coaching methodologies clients learn to alleviate stress and anxiety, develop life and interpersonal skills, learn to work through conflict resolution, remove mental and emotional blocks, and successfully plan goals. 

By facilitating opportunities for self-exploration, I provide a space for clients to delve into experiences for self-actualization of personal, career, and spiritual goals while also learning healthy wellness skills to decisively maneuver through life, manage depression, reduce anxiety and stress, as well as discover the benefits of independent developed goal-focused planning and decision-making.

During a session I assess clients’ individual goals and needs and create strategies accordingly, Meeting on a regular basis provide opportunities to work closely with clients to monitor and align strategies with overall goals, provide encouragement and interventions to use between sessions, correct unhealthy habits and behaviors while providing a confidential environment to evaluate progress.


As a life-long learner I obtained a Doctorate in Holistic Theology specializing in Spirituality, Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Master of Education specializing in Curriculum & Instruction and Professional Training Development, and Certified Life Coach. I am currently in the process of obtaining my LPC-Intern state license.

Throughout my 25 year career I have blended my academic and professional knowledge to design coaching/counseling sessions and psychoeducational courses to meet the needs of my clients. I genuinely believe, at certain times, we can benefit from the support of working with life coach and/or counselor to help us gain insight and find direction in life. I hope we will have the opportunity to work together.

Often, transpersonal counseling involves accessing spiritually or metaphysically inclined methodologies and interventions such as mediation, holistic energy work (chakra realignment and cyclical moonwork), natal astrological readings, translation of non-linear subtle energy, as well as professional space clearings & blessings to remove stagnant subtle energy and improve the energy flow within your body and physical environment to promote overall wellness. Please visit the SERVICES tab for additional information.

Through self-exploration you can discover your true Spiritual Essence (inner spirit & wisdom). My goal is to inspire you to take the steps necessary to accomplish your goals! Please allow me to join you on your journey of transforming your life now!

Sandie The Greyhound (4-2002 to 11-2014)

Sandie is Yvonne's beloved  animal spirit guide. Since her transition into Spirit form she has been greatly missed but always remembered.

"I miss you so much my beautiful Sandie."