Yvonne Emil is an intuitive counselor,  spiritual therapist, life coach, metaphysician, Reiki & Therapeutic Touch master practitioner, professional space clearer,  Shamanic holistic energy practitioner, professional trainer, & educator with over 20 years experience working with individuals who seek to improve wellness, alleviate stress and anxiety, hone in on communication skills, and learn to work through conflict resolution through the use of transpersonal, existential, and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral techniques Furthermore, through the use of metaphysical and holistic energy approaches individuals learn to use their physical and energy bodies to improve their well-being. Yvonne collaborates with clients, paranormal investigators, psychics, & holistic energy practitioners nationwide to bring awareness to metaphysical and holistic aspects of life.

Yvonne Emil maintains a private practice and is also a regular practitioner at holistic (psychic-healing) fairs throughout the U.S. Her preferred modalities and practices include intuitive readings, spiritual astrology, holistic subtle energy work, Reiki, Shamanic, &  Therapeutic Healing practices, & chakra alignments. She also teaches clients how to work with holistic subtle energy & metaphysical spirituality to improve their quality of life & achieve goals.

Yvonne Emil utilizes an intuitive spiritual therapeutic approach when assisting clients to self-actualization and awareness of their spiritual and metaphysical beliefs. Clients who experience metaphysical and spiritual encounters may not be certain how to work through the various emotional, psychological, mental, or physical attributes of such encounters and may require guidance in the process. Other clients may be interested in learning how to work within the metaphysical and paranormal areas of life. And still others may benefit from learning how to utilize spiritual, metaphysical, & divination tools and resources.

Through her work, Yvonne Emil believes gaining an understanding of one's spiritual beliefs and possessing fundamental knowledge of how to correctly use subtle energy can create wonderful opportunities to improve self-awareness and self-confidence, which are needed to obtain goals and maintain a positive healing lifestyle.

In addition to intuitive counseling and spiritual therapy, Yvonne Emil offers property & residential intuitive readings, & paranormal investigation consultations, & professional space clearings & blessings to remove stagnant energy or spirits and improve the energy flow.

She also teaches courses in manifesting with the moon cycles, spells & subtle energy work, psychic self-defense, meditation & visualization, intuitive development, spiritual rehabilitation & healing, stress management, learning to connect with angels & spirit guides, past life soul plans, relationship & communication, working through death & grief, & counseling psychic children & adults.

Yvonne Emil obtained a Doctorate in Holistic Theology specializing in Metaphysical Spirituality, a Master of Education specializing in Curriculum & Instruction and Professional Training Development, and is  an ordained Reverend through the Austin Spiritual Church in Austin, Texas.

Blending her professional knowledge and skills of the metaphysical and professional training development specializations, Yvonne designs learning & development training courses and workshops for clients interested in learning more about the metaphysical, paranormal, and spiritual. A list of courses Yvonne offers are located in the SERVICES section.  

As an empath, clairvoyant, and clairaudient , Yvonne has innately connected with Spirit since a young child. She specializes in communicating with Spirit Guides and loved ones that have crossed into the spirit world. As a result, clients are provided with beautiful messages of love guidance, healing, and support.

Her dedication to Spirit (collectively deceased loved ones and beings in pure subtle energy form) is the fundamental motivation for establishing Spiritual Essence, a collaborative center focused on teaching & learning about holistic energy work, metaphysics, & spirituality. The ultimate goal is to explore one's journey to discovering their true  Spiritual Essence (inner spirit &  wisdom).

Yvonne Emil has a deep connection with all of her spirit guides which include Holley & Jayson her life guides, Angelique & Lucas her angelic guides, Virginia & Salais her elemental guides, Tamayo & No-Mass her indigenous protector guides, as well as all of the other guides that have, and will, assist her during her current incarnation on Earth. 

Utilizing a holistic approach, Yvonne Emil's practice is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to connect with Spirit and as Divine beings we possess an internal source of subtle energy which is maintained in the energy body, an extension or our physical body. Once accessed, this energy can be used to manifest goals, identify & remove blocks (challenges) impeding success, & improve quality of life.

As a teacher, she genuinely enjoys working children and adults as her goal is to empower individuals & families so they may learn to appreciate the beautiful connection to Spirit, Divine guidance, their own internal source of energy.

The living are not the only ones in need of guidance as Yvonne regularly works with families experiencing paranormal activity and with spirits experiencing difficulties transitioning from the physical to the spiritual realm. 

She provides spirits with a gentle nudge encouraging them to accept and make their transition into the Essential Realm, also known as the Other Side.

Yvonne Emil strives to encourage others to experience the guidance, love, and support Spirit has to offer. Working closely with paranormal investigators she hopes to continue researching and documenting evidence of paranormal activity in hopes of bringing awareness to the metaphysical aspect of life.  

Allow Yvonne Emil to join you on your spiritual journey! 

Transform your life now!

Sandie The Greyhound (4-2002 to 11-2014)

Sandie is Yvonne's beloved  animal spirit guide. Since her transition into Spirit form Sandie has been taken care of by Holley & Jayson, Yvonne's life spirit guides in the Essential Realm.

"I miss you so much my beautiful Sandie."