Hello! If we are to work together I feel it is important you know more about me.

I am an empathic transpersonal counselor, spiritual astrologer, metaphysician, professional space clearer, holistic energy practitioner, corporate learning development specialist-trainer, & educator with 24 years of experience working with individuals seeking to improve emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. With the use of  transpersonal, existential, and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral techniquesall clients learn to aleviate stress and anxiety, develop life and interpersonal relationship skills, learn to work through conflict resolution, remove mental and emotional blocks, and manifest goals. 

As an empathic intuitive counselor I provide nonlinear translations of energy fields which provide clients with beautiful messages of love, guidance, healing, and support. I also teach how the use of subtle energy and holistic approaches can improve well-being and overall quality of life.  

By facilitating opportunities for self-exploration, I provide a space for clients to delve into experiences for self-actualization of personal, professional, and spiritual beliefs while also learning healthy coping skills to decisively maneuver through life, heal depression and anxiety, manifest desires and goals, and gain existential awareness.

As a life-long learner I obtained a Doctorate in Holistic Theology specializing in Metaphysical Spirituality, a Master of Education specializing in Curriculum & Instruction and Professional Training Development. I am an ordained reverend and am in the mist of completing a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

I blend my professional knowledge as an intuitive transpersonal counselor and professional learning development training specialist to design counseling sessions, courses, and workshops to meet the needs of my clients. 

I genuinely believe in the importance of living guided by our innate GPS system: our intuition! I will teach you how to tune into intuition and recognize when you are out of alignment with the use of skills, tools and resources to help you to re-align emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and psychically

Working with clients over many years, I have come to a recognize the most effective method of soothing and healing most negative (out of alignment) experiences is by possessing fundamental knowledge of how to correctly use subtle energy, mindfulness, and cognitive behaviors.

Since childhood I felt an intuitive understanding of subtle energy and the effects it can have on those who may not be as naturally in-tune or aware of how subtle energy flows.

Often, transpersonal counseling involves accessing spiritually or metaphysically inclined methodologies and interventions such as mediation, holistic energy work (chakra realignment and cyclical moonwork), spiritual natal astrological readings, property & residential intuitive readings, as well as professional space clearings & blessings to remove stagnant subtle energy to improve the energy flow. Please visit the SERVICES tab for additional information. These 

My dedication to learning and teaching about the importance and impact pure subtle energy has on us is the fundamental motivation for establishing Spiritual Essence, a collaborative center focused providing opportunities for everyone to learn and share holistic approaches. The ultimate goal is to join you on your exploration in discovering your true Spiritual Essence (inner spirit &  wisdom).

As a teacher, I genuinely enjoy working children and adults as my goal is to empower and inspire every one so they may learn to appreciate the beautiful connection to their own internal guidance, their own internal source of energy.

Life requires focused intention in order to maintain well-being, find happiness, and attain goals. Please allow me to join you on your journey of transforming your life now!

Sandie The Greyhound (4-2002 to 11-2014)

Sandie is Yvonne's beloved  animal spirit guide. Since her transition into Spirit form she has been greatly missed but always remembered.

"I miss you so much my beautiful Sandie."