Intuitive Counseling

Life Coaching

Meditation - Stress Relief 


Reiki Healing 

Holistic Energy Work

Therapeutic Touch Healing 

Space Clearnings & Blessings

Past Life Regression

Spiritual Astrology

Metaphysical Spirituality 

Conscious Awareness

Improve wellness, stress-anxiety management, communication skills, and conflict resolution through transpersonal, existential, & mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral techniques .
Receive intuitive guidance & life coaching about relationships, finances, career, home, & family.
Improve the energy flow in your home, cleanse stagnant energy & bless homes, properties, & objects.
 Energize physically & spiritually with therapeutic touch holistic energy work & shamanic healing practices.
Discover metaphysical spirituality & how to use divination tools for daily guidance.
Learn to manifest goals with the use of subtle energy.
Find solutions for paranormal activity.
In-Person, Phone, Skype, & Email Sessions Available

Yvonne Emil Elizondo, Ph.D. & M Ed.
Intuitive Counselor & Spiritual Therapist