Psychic Intuitive
Spiritual Therapist
Life Coach
Professional  Space Clearings & Blessings
Spiritual Astrology 
Shamanic & Holistic energy  Healings
Paranormal Investigations
Tarot Card Reading
Chakra Work
Receive guidance from Spirit.
Communicate with spirit guides, deceased loved ones, & divine energies.
Address questions about love, finances, career, relationships.
Clear stagnant energy and conduct blessings from homes, businesses, & objects.
Discover shamanic & holistic healing practices.
Study metaphysical spirituality.
Learn to use your energy and the natural energies around you for manifestation.
Uncover the paranormal, hauntings, & ghosts.....
.....and much more!
"With love, compassion, patience, understanding, and guidance from our beautiful Spirit Guides, loved ones,
and angels in the Essential Realm we can attain peace within ourselves and live in our purest Spiritual Essence." 
                                                                                                                                                 -Rev. Dr. Yvonne Emil Elizondo